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Meet Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Peter Munch Ovesen, founders of Libertine-Libertine. Copenhagen, Denmark.

The start

It was the year 2009, there was a lot of scepticism in the fashion industry and bad vibes all over because of the crisis in the economy. I had this idea about creating a brand that was liberated from the industry and had a personal, internal focus. Free-movement and free-spirit are ideas that attract me and while living in Paris, it all just added up. I set it all in motion by asking Pernille, my wife, as a designer to join me. We needed a third person to break the relation and Peter seemed perfect for the job. The name Libertine-Libertine came super natural to us; it fitted perfect with our philosophy. We find existentialism important. A good life with as few restrictions as possible, with good quality, good experience and a lot of adventure. We wanted to do our own thing that is something we have said from day one, it is even in our company’s contract. That idea is still as valid as it was on the 25th of May 2009, because if you start to stress out and don’t feel alive the whole project is fucked.

Designing and inspiration

We think that the modern person is all about contrasts. In our designs we aim to bring together seemingly clashing aspects and make it clever. We want to make designs with some cool, well-thought surprises and details in good quality. It is all about giving subtle preferences to your designs. We want people to feel a bit more energetic when they buy a product from us. That’s how we feel we have accomplished something with our work.

Labour and production

Quality and fair prizes are an essential part of our concept that is why we produce everything in Europe. We buy our fabrics in i.e. Italy and France and the clothes are crafted in some of the best workshops in Europe. We want to have good relations with everyone we work with, so we travel abroad several times a year to develop the collection together with the teams. In the end the most important thing is what you feel when you touch and wear the clothes. We want our customers to feel great in our clothes and come back because they appreciate quality.

Achievements and Future

We are very proud that we are still alive, and have been able to stay true to ourselves. For us it is not an objective to be small or big, it is the objective to be living the life we feel like living and fulfilling our ambitions. There is so much pretentiousness out there and we are not part of it. That is why we appreciate to work with stores that have a personality. Retailers that focus on where they are and what they have and strive to make it the best. We want to continue working like this in the future. But we do believe that even when you have something you really appreciate, you need to push it a little bit and try new things. You need to stay awake and sometimes think ‘fuck it and just do it’, otherwise new doors will never open.

AW14 Collection

SS14 Collection

A video of the instore Libertine-Libertine party

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